Published: 22nd Aug 2013

Last week we hosted the second in our series of European regeneration webinars – an experimental series of online discussions funded through the Scottish Government’s learning networks challenge fund. The webinars bring together practitioners from all over Scotland around a particular regeneration theme. We hear a short presentation from an expert European peer, focused on a particular place or project, and discuss the lessons and implications for Scotland. Last month we heard the extraordinary story of Freiburg. Our speaker this week was Jacob Urup Nielsen, founder of the Centre for Cities & Creativity. We set Jacob one of the hardest questions around: How can we develop sustainable communities in an age of austerity? Jacob focused on the importance of creativity as a tool to respond to the challenge of austerity and recession. Crucial at a time when communities are feeling the pressure of recession is a process which releases creativity … (To read the full article, subscribe below)