Published: 15th Mar 2019

The first ever large-scale quantitative research project into how our surroundings impact happiness has revealed that people are happier in more beautiful environments. Whilst the revelation is not totally unsurprising, researchers say it was previously difficult to scientifically quantify how our surroundings affect happiness because it was hard to get big enough sample size that reflected the entire country. So the team, from the Data Science Lab at Warwick Business School, The Alan Turing Institute and the University of Sussex, studied nearly a million ratings from the website Scenic-or-Not, an online game that invites people to rate photographs taken all across the UK. The researchers combined the Scenic-or-Not data with three years of measurements from more than 15,000 users of the iPhone app Mappiness, designed by co-author Dr George MacKerron, of the University of Sussex, which asks people to report on their happiness multiple times per day while recording their current location, who … (To read the full article, subscribe below)