Published: 18th Feb 2021

Small charities ‘showed up and stuck around’ to support people throughout the Covid 19 pandemic when others could not, according to a new report. The report by the Lloyds Bank Foundation found that smaller charities showed ‘tremendous energy, flexibility, and professionalism’ in responding to the current crisis. Researchers found that smaller charities addressed four main areas of need – access to food, isolation and loneliness, information, and mental health/wellbeing – in ways that were tailored to different groups and communities experiencing complex social issues, such as homelessness or mental ill health, and economic disadvantage. It also found they ‘showed up and stuck’ around, using their position of trust within communities to support people throughout the crisis when they were needed most. This contrasts with parts of the public sector, which were slower to react early on, and informal support and mutual aid, which dissipated over time, according to the report. ‘Small … (To read the full article, subscribe below)