Published: 13th Jun 2018

Residents of Granby, Liverpool, have for decades fought losing battles against the council and developers to save their homes from demolition. But following the formation of a community land trust (CLT) in 2011 they are finally winning. The not-for-profit resident’s body bought 11 houses and is transforming the area from tinned-up wasteland to a beacon for community-led housing schemes around the country. Words and photos by Thomas Barrett. During Liverpool’s heyday, Granby was home to a wide range of businesses, nationalities and religions. The synagogue practically backs onto the mosque and the area was once a thriving commercial centre with almost a hundred shops including the first Tesco in Liverpool. ‘When I first moved to Granby, there was a wet fish shop, supermarket, launderette bakers, cafes, haberdashers. There was all sorts,’ remembers Hazel Tilley, a founder of the CLT who has lived in the area for over 30 years. But … (To read the full article, subscribe below)