Published: 20th Sep 2018

Manchester is famous for being the home of the industrial revolution, two football teams and a rich musical heritage, but it is now increasingly known for the number of homeless people on its streets. Homelessness in the city rose by 41% in 2017, with the council expecting this to rise by 60% over the next three years. The Mustard Tree is a charity who have provided support services to Manchester’s homeless for the past 25 years. NewStart recently took a tour of their newly refurbished building in Ancoats and met with Aileen Stirman, their head of fundraising. ‘We exist so they can gain the skills and self-confidence to get back into society,’ says Aileen. ‘We’re a community of hope and aspiration and we equip people with the skills and confidence they need to find work. ‘If they are not able to work then we want to help improve their financial capability … (To read the full article, subscribe below)