Published: 26th Jun 2018

Last month, a research team at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health and the University of Exeter published a new study which linked exposure to LED lighting to an increased risk of cancer. It reignited familiar worries about how they can affect our health. Thomas Barrett reports. The study focused on over 4,000 people largely living in Madrid and Barcelona and drew a link between a large exposure to LED lighting and two forms of cancer. Their study revealed blue light emitted from the LEDs cause the human body’s circadian rhythm to unbalance, affecting hormone levels and increasing the risk of prostate cancer by 2X and the risk of breast cancer by 1.5X. Dr Alejandro De Sanchez de Miguel, who led the study, told New Start that although their findings were a huge breakthrough, the public shouldn’t be too quick to draw parallels with UK towns or cities. ‘Compared to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)