Published: 24th May 2018

Headingley, a leafy suburb of Leeds set two miles outside of the city centre, is perhaps best known for its substantial student population and Ian Botham’s heroics in 1981, but a hugely successful community share scheme could make it a model for community development across the country. Thomas Barrett reports. Headingley Development Trust launched the share scheme back in February,  and have invited local people and interested parties to purchase shares whilst receiving a healthy 2% return on their investment, with the money going to support the trust with its various community projects. So far, it’s been a runaway success, and they expect to reach their target of £480,000 when the scheme closes on May 31. ‘We’re trying an innovative free-flowing fund rather than having it attached to a specific project,’ says Richard Norton, vice-chair of the Headingley Development Trust. ‘Under our model, its mainly local people and their money who … (To read the full article, subscribe below)