Published: 4th Feb 2020

Carolyn Sims, head of banking for the ethical lender Charity Bank outlines five reasons why moving from renting to property ownership can be beneficial for some charities and social enterprises. No matter what the mission or size of your charity or social enterprise, renting can often feel like a drain on your resources. A huge outgoing expense that provides no real security or return, it can also restrict opportunities to develop or expand. While taking out a loan to purchase a property may seem daunting, it can sometimes make the most financial sense. Long term, it could not only save you money but could open up new revenue streams and help to support the growth of your organisation 1. It can save costs Loan repayments can often end up cheaper than paying rent. This saving will generally increase over time as most rental agreements are reviewed on a five-year cycle … (To read the full article, subscribe below)