Published: 16th May 2012

Indy Johar is co-founder of architectural practice 00:/. Through the launch of projects including the Compendium for the Civic Economy, the Civic Crowd and HubWestminster, he and his team are co-creating the civic economy and leading by example   Indy Johar at Hub Kings Cross in 2010. Photo: Jess Hurd YOU TALK OF THE CURRENT ERA AS ONE OF A GREAT RESTRUCTURING WITH CIVIC ECONOMY AT ITS HEART. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? We’re in a systemic crisis of human and environmental capital. This is the moment that things are going to get re-organised and radically transformed. Our generation will see the biggest transformation since the corporate firm was born 200 years ago. We will see that same magnitude of change as we fundamentally shift how we, as humans, organise ourselves. This transformation will take place whether we like it or not, the economic conditions are there. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)