Published: 31st Oct 2011

There’s a lot in the press these days about quality of life in England – post mortems around the summer riots, debates about the planning laws and ‘sustainable development’, the impact of financial disasters elsewhere. Government says at one point ‘spend your savings, because we need to support the shops’, and at another point ‘keep building up your savings or you’ll having nothing to support your old age’, while following a long-term trend of selling the family silver – looks like the English countryside may be next – to keep the money trudging round and pay off ‘sovereign debt’. Greece isn’t the only nation that’s been living on plastic credit, it seems. It’s all very topical and there’s a lively debate, but what is the real solid ground for the future? What rich or poor, old or young surely want from this country is the realistic prospect of a good … (To read the full article, subscribe below)