Published: 17th Feb 2020

Harlow’s MP has condemned the use of converted ‘rabbit-hutch housing developments’ in his borough, which he said have had a ‘catastrophic impact’ on local life. Speaking during a debate in Parliament last week, MP Robert Halfon described converted office blocks in Harlow as ‘ghetto building, human warehousing and social cleansing’. A number of former office blocks have been converted into residential properties in Harlow under permitted development rights, which were first introduced in 2013. These rights allow office blocks to be converted into flats without the need for planning permission. ‘Harlow has become a prime location for such developments, with 12 former office block conversions, including Terminus House, Templefields and Redstone House,’ said Mr Halfon. ‘Harlow’s proximity to London and comparatively lower property prices make it a preferred location for developers; but, of course, the legislation does not require the builds to comply with local planning regulations. ‘As such, around 1,100 units have … (To read the full article, subscribe below)