Published: 8th Dec 2011

We asked six experts to give their verdict on the events of 2011 in the key areas of public services, local economic development and regeneration, civil society, poverty, sustainability and housing and suggest the way forward in 2012. Simon Parker kicks the series off by examining the impact of public sector cutbacks Eric Hobsbawm famously argued that there existed a ‘long 19th century’ bounded by the French Revolution and the First World War, and a short ?20th century that followed the rise and fall of Soviet Communism. But ?there are moments of transition and uncertainty that fall in-between? these great cycles. These are years when we know an epoch is dying, but? we cannot be sure what will take its place. 2011 was one of them. Labour’s grand experiment with targetry, reform and high spending ?finally met its end in April, when the first big wave of cuts hit public? … (To read the full article, subscribe below)