Published: 18th Jun 2014

A new campaign to save social housing is launched in Westminster today. Shout – Social housing under threat – marks a new stage in a growing tide of public and political opinion that the housing crisis will only be solved through direct public investment in homes at rents ordinary people can afford. Although recent calls for such a shift in policy have come from across the political spectrum, Shout was set in motion in January 2014 by former minister of state for housing and planning, John Healey MP, in a call to arms in a Guardian article. Shout is publishing its manifesto, ‘Affordable, Flourishing, Fair’, which sets out a comprehensive diagnosis of the country’s failing housing system. It also includes a 12-point programme to save and extend social housing by building 100,000 new social homes yearly. Shout concludes that direct investment in bricks and mortar will also reduce the £25bn … (To read the full article, subscribe below)