Published: 30th Jan 2020

The majority of people questioned in a survey back the idea of an elected mayor in their area, as fresh devolution talks get underway in Leeds. A poll carried out by Populus for the RSA found 54% of people would support an elected mayor in their own area, while 26% were against the idea. The survey also found that almost two thirds of people (61%) think housing should be decided at a local level. Just over half (52%) of people said they want to see decisions on schools made at a local level, while 50% wanted to see transport decisions made at a local level. Currently, two thirds of people in England live in areas without an elected mayor. In the past, some attempts to introduce elected mayors and devolution deals in certain parts of the country have failed because of disagreements between local and central government. In February 2019, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)