Published: 17th Dec 2019

We have all seen plenty of procurement disasters. The government department that let a ferry contract to a company with no ships; the PFI contract that was handed from one operator to another, and cost far more in set-up and operating costs than its benefits could ever justify. Common challenges and solutions Why do such disasters keep occurring?  It’s typically for one or more of several reasons: Failure to plan the procurement properly; Failure to understand the market; Failure to timetable the tender exercise adequately; Failure to evaluate bids robustly; Failure to client the contract effectively. In the first place then, you should work out what you are procuring and why. In some cases, it will be perfectly obvious: you need to purchase supplies, or to carry out a major works programme for which you lack the skills and resources required. In other cases – services in particular – you … (To read the full article, subscribe below)