Published: 16th May 2012

Prevention is a relatively familiar term to those who work in social policy, and was the subject of a major inter-disciplinary conference held by the New Economics Foundation (Nef) on May 9th. We wanted to bring a more systemic focus to the term, and explore how it can also be applied across three spheres of society, environment and economy. The conference, supported by the BIG Lottery Fund, bought together an impressive range of speakers, including Lord Adair Turner, Margaret Hodge MP, Jonathon Porritt, David Robinson, and Dharmendra Kanani. The speakers represent a wide range of sectors and perspectives, from the economic and financial, to the social and environmental. Our starting point was the nature of the challenge that faces us, and the choices our politicians make about how to tackle and fund them through public policy and services. We increasingly devote our resources towards dealing with crisis situations, many of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)