Published: 18th Jan 2018

The collapse of Carillion re-opens the debate on the role of the private sector in public service contracts. Mo Baines and Paul O’Brien from APSE ask how public services can be de-risked from contractor insolvency In the wake of the collapse of Carillion the veteran Radio 4 presenter John Humphrys drew scorn for reminding his listeners that he remembered the days when you had to ‘wait six months for a telephone to be installed’; ergo the idea that the public sector could not have done better than Carillion. Of course, the Humphry prism of improvement through privatisation is not one that most consumers recognise. Privatisation of utilities has often left them paying more and receiving less in terms of customer care. However, perhaps more galling for public sector managers is that the past narrative of public sector inefficiency comes back to haunt them even though, in local government at least, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)