Published: 3rd Jul 2019

Plymouth is the first UK city to join the Fab City network of cities who have pledged to produce everything they consume by 2054. The Fab City Global Initiative was launched in 2016 and now includes 34 cities, regions and countries, including Detroit, Amsterdam, Bhutan, Shenzhen, Ekurhuleni, Santiago de Chile, Boston and Paris. It was created to help cities establish new urban systems that are sustainable and encourage city leaders to work innovatively to meet progressive social, economic, governance and sustainable development goals. Plymouth will have access to ‘The Fab City Prototype’, which is a large scale digital demonstrator that allows experimentation with end-users and local ecosystems. Signatories to the Fab City manifesto agree to implement ten principles to enable the urban transition towards locally productive and globally connected cities. These include a commitment to what they call ‘glocalism’ – a focus on producing locally but encouraging the sharing of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)