Published: 12th Aug 2020

Homelessness and rough sleeping will soar if the government fails to properly fund support services, the Salvation Army has warned. In a new report out today (12 August), the charity said the current pandemic will force families into expensive and unsuitable temporary accommodation, like bed and breakfast, as local authorities struggle to manage rising homelessness levels. The report urges the government to use the upcoming comprehensive spending review (CSR) to begin implementing a new approach to investment in homelessness and rough sleeping. For example, it says in addition to stabilising levels of investment over the course of the current parliament, ministers should look to introduce a simple fiscal rule that if rough sleeping figures are stable or increasing, investment cannot be reduced, or we risk undoing any progress made and people returning to the streets. The report also says there needs to be a steady supply of suitable homes. This … (To read the full article, subscribe below)