Published: 5th Nov 2019

Glasgow City Council is awaiting approval for plans of a £500m investment into the building of new affordable homes and also to improve the quality and condition of existing homes.  The Strategic Housing Investment Plan (SHIP) outlines the priorities and resources available for investing in housing in order to achieve the ambitions and targets of the Glasgow Housing Strategy (GHS), which has two main goals: to increase the supply and improve the quality of housing available for the people of Glasgow, and also improving access to appropriate housing. Glasgow’s SHIP has its own priorities which are informed by the GHS. These include quality in design, community benefits, ensuring value for money and meeting diverse needs. There are also specific targets for the new affordable homes, such as 10% of all new homes are required to have wheelchair access and 60 new family-sized homes with four or more bedrooms are to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)