Published: 16th Mar 2009

Q: What makes places last? A: Guided busways, fog-basking beetles, people and myths In the second of this year’s 4×4 debates an architect, a planner, a programme director and a poet gathered in Leeds Met last week to debate the question: What makes places last? Peter Studdert, director of joint planning across Cambridgeshire’s three councils, is trying to create new long-lasting towns for the area. Cambridgeshire is expanding, but not always in the most sustainable ways. Cambourne, the region’s newest new town, is less than ten year’s old, but is already showing its cracks. A town built around cars, it had few local facilities for its early residents, many of whom are now looking for the exit. For the planning of Northstowe, a proposed new town five miles outside of Cambridge, the lessons have been learnt. The longest guided busway in the world is due to open in the region … (To read the full article, subscribe below)