Published: 27th Jul 2017

A new study from Carnegie UK Trust finds that small acts of kindness go a long way in helping combat loneliness and isolation, as Zoe Ferguson reports. Talking about kindness in a public policy context is not comfortable.  In the face of the urgency of challenges of inequality and austerity it can feel irrelevant, ‘soft’ and too personal. But kindness is an important, often underestimated, virtue to hold and something we are perhaps all guilty of taking for granted, ignoring even, in a fast moving society. For those of us who are time poor and have lots of people around us, we don’t always appreciate how a simple act of kindness can impact an individual, and, in turn, society. ‘Having somewhere welcoming to meet, gather or just bump into each other makes a big difference’ Loneliness and isolation is a growing epidemic and continues to be one of the biggest … (To read the full article, subscribe below)