Published: 17th Feb 2011

Bristol City Council was derided when they created the job of Place-making director last summer. Whilst I’m pleased a business person was employed, the Tax Payers Alliance called the post a ‘costly indulgence’ and the leader of the city’s conservative group (the only party unsullied by power in Bristol) said it’s ‘the kind of job that brings local government into disrepute’. We’re starting to see results from the £144,000 invested in this two-year role.  Our place-maker took 55 people to Brasserie Blanc (yes, that Monsieur Blanc) for a two hour ideas meeting – not all work obviously, they had to be fed too. Austerity Britain? Not round these parts. Let’s hope the 340 council people due to lose their jobs this year get treated to cordon bleu dinners. The invite list is interesting – aside from 14 from the council they largely come from the festival and media industries.  So … (To read the full article, subscribe below)