Published: 16th Jan 2017

Pay-as-you-feel cafes combat social isolation as well as food poverty Now don’t get me wrong, I value food banks and the essential emergency function they perform. I think Jack Monroe summed up the quandary a lot of us have in the last Feeding Britain report when she said; ‘I would be petrified if tomorrow all food banks were closed down. On the other hand I think the need for food banks in our country is a disgrace.’ Through Real Junk Food Manchester and other projects that tackle food waste or food poverty I’ve worked with a number of food banks. I’ve found the people that work with them to be genuine and kind, and it goes without saying that people who use the service are in real need, and very much appreciate access to food in the face of stopped benefits, job loss, or insecure status in our country. But … (To read the full article, subscribe below)