Published: 18th Jul 2019

The future of the UK’s public parks and green spaces is under threat unless a new model of funding that doesn’t rely on charitable donations is created, a report has warned. Launched today by the University of Leeds, Charitable Giving to Parks and Green Spaces argues that charitable donations have an ‘important but limited role’ in bridging the funding gap for parks and questions whether they ‘can or should’ be a primary source of income amid ongoing government cuts. Over the summer months, cash-strapped councils have been accused of over-exploiting public parks by hiring them out for music festivals. However, many councils have faced a 50% cut to its parks budget since 2010 and have been forced to diversify by opening cafés, shops and visitor attractions, events, concessions and business sponsorship. In 2017, the House of Commons Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee said that Britain’s 27,000 urban parks … (To read the full article, subscribe below)