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Neil Mclnroy

Trickle down and out, time for trickle up!

Unemployment on the increase, poverty growing, local economies in melt down. I am tired of hearing the descriptions, and disappointed by the lack of real policy action. In particular, I am disappointed by ongoing orthodoxies in economic development, which are hampering new thinking as regards addressing unemployment. With Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in particular, there is too much of a focus on austerity, trickle down and supply-side economics, when they should be thinking about trickle up and stimulating local demand.

A view on the Work Programme

My favourite in the Work Programme is the contradiction with the personalisation and choice agenda. Just how well does that fit with a process of random allocation and compulsion? You can choose your doctor, where you have your hospital treatment. But when it comes to which provider will help you get back into work, you will do as the computer says – however good a fit one may be to your needs.

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