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Pink shoots of recovery

I bought my first forced rhubarb of the year yesterday. For those of you not in the know forced rhubarb is a bit of a Yorkshire thing – it’s either grown in mysterious candle lit sheds, or, on a smaller scale, under a terracotta cloche. The darkness tricks the plant into working harder to find (more…)


Can personalisation survive the credit crunch?

One of the big ideas in public services reform in recent years has been the need for greater personalisation. A key driver for this was the sense that public services had to catch up with an increasingly demanding public that expects the same options, flexibility and targeted information from their schools and hospitals as they (more…)


Stepping on third sector toes

I do quite a lot of work with third sector organisations which are exploring what they might call “becoming a social enterprise”. That tends to mean developing a new service, or selling an existing service to a new customer group. One phrase I hear a lot is “We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes”. (more…)


Stunningly simple

The ColaLife idea starts with two quite startling facts: 1) in developing countries, 1 in 5 children die before their fifth birthday from simple causes such as dehydration from diarrhoea, that’s 4 a minute in Africa alone, or 5,500 a day and 2) you can buy a Coca-Cola virtually anywhere, even in developing countries. The (more…)


Goodwill Hunting

As I write, retailers around the world will be anxiously doing their sums, wondering whether they’ve got any chance of making it through until next Christmas, or maybe even next week. It’s obvious that Woolies won’t be the last retailer to go to the wall. I believe that we’ll see a resurgence of old fashioned (more…)

Jamie Veitch

2009: it can only get better

I’m writing this on officially the most stressful day of the year, Monday January 5 (a psychologist says so, so it must be true) but since it will be posted on Tuesday 6 all of the stress levels should already be reducing. That’s the theory anyway. But it’s clear that as we enter 2009 we (more…)


A strange throwback to a previous era

Kirkby Unemployed Centre is a strange throwback to a previous era. It occupies a former infant school, built to a standard postwar design reminiscent of children’s junk modelling. On the walls is an exhibition celebrating Merseysiders’ involvement in the International Brigade during the Spanish civil war. Pictures of Nelson Mandela and trade union banners adorn (more…)

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