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Thirty days of social enterprise

Alex Sobel is spending thirty days shopping only at social enterprises. Follow his progress here: And then it was Waitrose On Tuesday after posting my last post I went the University of Leeds for a meeting and afterwards I went to the student union to visit its shop for a snack, I was pleasantly surprised (more…)


A Gateway Forum fit for purpose

This week’s Thames Gateway Forum at the IndigO2 was a much leaner affair than previous years. Gone are the vast halls lined with exhibition stands and bulging conference bags that give you chronic backpain if you carry them from more than half an hour. In its place was a more focused series of speeches and (more…)


Young people get my Eco-Factor vote

Society is on a steep learning curve about environmental damage and what steps we need to take to reduce the effects of climate change. Young people are at the forefront of ‘green’ education, which is why I am involved in a project in Birmingham helping them dream up creative ideas to raise awareness of climate (more…)


Celebrating an end to financial exclusion is premature

I went to an excellent conference organised by Runnymede Trust last week on financial inclusion and equality, which included a fine array of speakers and delegates from the financial services sector, community finance organisations and equalities groups. It was interesting to be, unusually for me, surrounded by people interested in financial inclusion (I’ve got quite (more…)

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