Published: 4th Jun 2014

Across Europe, austerity measures have been in force to bring expenditure in line with revenue and rebalance the books. While most people would accept that spend needs to be kept under control, there has been a real sense of unease about the consequences of the cuts and the relative increase in the cost of living. Simultaneously, in certain geographies, there has been supply/demand and resultant affordability problems in the housing market. This has given rise to an interest in considering new models and revisiting old ones as an alternative means of addressing market failure, improving standards of living and addressing far wider societal issues. Owenstown is being promoted by a foundation, a Scottish charity set up by a small group of philanthropic businessmen in south Lanarkshire. The foundation has the single goal of ‘assisting with community development through co-operative and sustainable principles’ and believes that ‘local communities become stronger by … (To read the full article, subscribe below)