Published: 19th Mar 2018

An influential group of MPs has warned the government is still failing to get a grip on how local enterprise partnerships (Leps) spend taxpayers’ money. A new report by the public accounts committee claims the case of the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Lep highlights how confusing and complex funding arrangements are for such partnerships. In particular, the report starts the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government needs to ‘get its act together’ and assure taxpayers that it is monitoring how Leps spend their money. The report into how the government oversees the Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Lep found that while the ministry ‘assures us that there was no misuse of public funds’, this was due ‘more to luck than effective oversight’ given that there appear to have been no effective mechanisms in place for identifying conflicts of interest in the LEP. ‘We are not at all convinced … (To read the full article, subscribe below)