Published: 1st Dec 2011

George Osborne’s autumn statement failed to give us any hope for the future, any vision for the development of our economy, other than to say that if we reduce the deficit and reduce the role of the state, the private sector will miraculously emerge. This, coupled with the relentless media focus on the austerity, pain and misery that we’re all going to face over the next five years; why don’t we just cancel Christmas and be done with it! Hope is not about false optimism, we all know the next few years are going to be a struggle, but hope is about giving ourselves a sense of direction, about giving us the capacity to deal with what is to come and, perhaps most importantly, about ensuring that those sparks of ingenuity, enterprise and creativity, are not starved of oxygen or crushed by the weight of the unhappiness in our economy. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)