Published: 21st Apr 2011

‘That lady’, she said, ‘had a talent for friendship’. Someone told me this recently. It was an observation from a funeral. Can making friends be a talent? A friend maker, and a friend keeper, is a kind of agent that connects with people, sees potential and links people across networks. This woman knew how to make friends and keep them. What’s more, she was recognised for it. Her talent was validated at the most fundamental of levels, at the level of the deep connection between individuals. In many ways this woman was seen as an asset for the place she lived and worked in. She was an initiator. She had a profound understanding of networks. She was a network  integrator. Cities are diverse networks. This diversity creates both intrigue and distance. As part of a project with the Academy of Urbanism, I recently walked the Garnethill area of Glasgow with … (To read the full article, subscribe below)