Published: 30th Nov 2018

City of Trees has completed a detailed tree survey of Greater Manchester, revealing that over one million of the region’s 11 million trees are at serious risk due to disease. Data has been collected from more than 6,000 trees across Greater Manchester by a team of 57 surveyors who visited nearly 2,000 plots – to help calculate the environmental and economic benefits that trees provide, as well as highlight any risks to tree health. They found that pests and diseases such as Ash Dieback and Horse Chestnut Bleeding Canker were particular threats to the region’s trees. According to City of Trees, Greater Manchester’s trees remove 847 tonnes of pollutants each year by acting as a filtration system. They also assist with excessive storm water, intercepting 1,644,415 cubic metres of stormwater run-off per year. They estimate that the total annual economic value of air pollution filtration, stormwater attenuation and carbon sequestration in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)