Published: 20th Sep 2017

The need for strong, effective local leadership has never been greater, argues the chair of the Institute of Economic Development (IED), Bev Hurley. With national funding for economic development and regeneration continuing to nosedive, and mechanisms for disbursing the proposed UK shared prosperity fund – like most things Brexit, unknown in quantum and structure – as we sit here today local government faces a daunting challenge. The key opportunity presented by Brexit is around localism and devolution agendas, particularly with combined authorities, new mayors and local enterprise partnerships (LEPs). However, this does not mean there aren’t significant obstacles to be overcome. One of the key challenges of the localism agenda is around skills and leadership deficits at a local level, and generally there is a great deal more to do to improve the capacity and capability of leadership and particularly around how we collaborate and overcome political differences. The role … (To read the full article, subscribe below)