Published: 10th Nov 2020

Just one in five people in the Midlands and the North think the government is doing enough to ‘level up’, according to a new survey. The survey by the campaign group HS2 East found just 20% of people in those regions believe the government is doing enough to honour its ‘levelling up’ promises. It also revealed concerns about the longer-term impacts of COVID-19 and the associated strain it has put on public finances. Almost two thirds (59%) of the people surveyed were worried the pandemic would widen social and economic inequalities, while just under half (47%) of those questioned thought it may stop Government investing in infrastructure, welfare and affordable housing. Seven out of ten people also thought that the short-term pressures of COVID-19 had shifted focus away from climate change and stalled efforts to decarbonise. It comes as leaders from across the East Midlands and North call for government … (To read the full article, subscribe below)