Published: 11th Jun 2019

Housing in Brighton, Sussex. Credit: Public domain A ‘restrictive’ planning system is worsening the North-South divide in England and Wales, it has been discovered. Urban homeowners in the South East of England have become £80,000 richer since 2013 than those living elsewhere in England and Wales, due to the scarcity of new homes in the region driving up house prices, Centre for Cities has said. The think tank said that urgent reform of the planning system is needed to stop it from ‘gifting wealth’ to homeowners in desirable southern cities. Centre for Cities’ chief executive Andrew Carter said: ‘Our planning system is fuelling a North-South wealth divide among homeowners. Restrictive planning policies in many prosperous southern cities are gifting wealth to homeowners in the Greater South East. “This creates two wealth divides: one between homeowners in the Greater South East and elsewhere in the country, and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)