Published: 13th Mar 2020

The next mayor of London should launch a major programme of affordable house building, according to a new report. The report by the think tank Centre for London warns that housing supply in the capital is failing to keep pace with demand and adds that housing is increasingly unaffordable to Londoners on low and modest incomes. The report calls for all those standing as candidates in the next London mayoral elections to commit to a major programme of building affordable housing, which could be used to build 25,000 affordable homes a year, with government backing. It also argues the next London mayor should undertake a long-term review of London’s green belt, with the aims of managing release of land to build well-connected new places, preserving London’s urban character, and enabling access to open space for Londoners. Government should permit and support such a review. It also recommends that the mayor support London’s boroughs to build more … (To read the full article, subscribe below)