Published: 14th Feb 2019

Copyright Jack Harris The Whitechapel Pool was built in 1901, renovated in the mid-1950s and was reputedly the site where David Hockney first made drawings of swimmers. It was abandoned under Thatcher before being eventually sold to a housing developer who would turn it into a luxury hotel during Boris Johnson’s final year as Mayor of London. Sound familiar? Only this pool never existed. It was an art project displayed until January 2018 at the Whitechapel Gallery, which curator Laura Smith said ‘demonstrates how individuals are impacted by government policies.’ Since 2010, around one in five public swimming pools in the UK have closed their doors for good, not to be replaced by a new facility. It’s left a hole in communities up and down the country that goes deeper than 2 metres, as New Start discovered. Whitehill Club Just before Christmas, Glasgow City Council announced they … (To read the full article, subscribe below)