Published: 5th Feb 2019

Twenty years ago today the first issue of New Start magazine was published, with a mission described as ‘bringing together the partners in community renewal’. I and two colleagues set it up and recruited a team of writers, advertising and production staff to fill what we saw as both an evidence and a commercial gap: a place where knowledge and action could join forces to create better places.  With hindsight, there was a certain hubris there. But the evidence gap – and, more tellingly, the gap between evidence and action –  remains, even if the commercial gap proved temporary.  Take a look at that cover feature from our first issue. It asked, with journalistic hyperbole, whether British regions would face the scrapheap if European funding went. It was reporting on a review of European structural and social funds in anticipation of the enlargement of what was then a community of 15 nations.  Local … (To read the full article, subscribe below)