Published: 16th Sep 2020

Community led housing can deliver up to £2.80 in wider benefits for every £1 of public money invested, according to a new study.  The new report by Capital Economics shows that community led housing delivers significant economic, social and environmental benefits. According to the study, community led housing can deliver of direct £1.80 of benefits over a 10-year period, rising to £2.80 when health and benefit savings, wellbeing and income distribution are factored in. The report claims that more than 80% of community led homes in the development pipeline are planned to be for rent at below-market rates and in the majority of cases, these are homes that would not otherwise be built. It also found that 10% of groups have developed sites which local opposition had previously prevented. The National Community Land Trust (CLT) Network, which commissioned the research, is urging the government to announce a five-year renewal of the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)