Published: 12th Jun 2019

A leading think tank has called on whoever becomes the next prime minister to focus on building ‘beautiful homes and places’ in a bid to tackle the housing crisis. In a new report, Policy Exchange has set out a series of policy ideas for whoever succeeds Theresa May at Number 10, including a number of recommendations around housing and planning. In particular, it calls for developers to be given more incentives to build ‘beautiful’ homes and places by objectively defining what is meant by ‘good design’ in the National Planning Policy Framework. According to the report, a greater emphasis on building beautiful homes will help overcome ‘nimbyism’ in many areas, where the public ‘generally take a dim view of new developments’. ‘Research shows that the public really care about beautiful buildings and places in their area – both the preservation of old ones and the construction of new ones – … (To read the full article, subscribe below)