Published: 1st Apr 2021

A cross-party group of MPs is to examine how the government can reduce job losses after the pandemic. The Treasury select committee’s new inquiry into jobs, growth, and productivity after coronavirus will also look at what difference the government can make to economic growth, and what has caused the UK’s productivity growth to be persistently weak. The inquiry will also examine macroeconomic policy, looking at whether the Bank of England’s inflation target is fit for purpose, if the Monetary Policy Committee has effective tools to stimulate the economy when interest rates are low, and whether a return of inflation is a risk to the economic recovery. The deadline for submitting written evidence is 5pm on Monday 17 May. The first evidence sessions will take place before the summer recess, with a report expected later this year. ‘As the UK begins to emerge from the pandemic, jobs, growth and productivity will … (To read the full article, subscribe below)