Published: 25th Mar 2020

Earlier this month, innovation foundation Nesta announced its 19 ‘Democracy Pioneers’, who each received £10,000 for their work to improve people’s understanding and experience of democracy in the UK. The announcement comes at a time of declining trust and participation in civic life, with recent data from the Office of National Statistics showing that 61% of people in the UK are dissatisfied with democracy. Nesta says the 19 Democracy Pioneers provide an antidote to this ‘democractic malaise’ with their visions for improved civic participation. The Pioneers include: Shout Out UK (SOUK): Based in London, Shout Out UK is a non-partisan social enterprise that helps young people to get politically literate, helping schools to teach students about democracy in cost-effective ways. Glasgow City Council: Glasgow City Council are using mini-publics, an assembly of citizens that are demographically representative of the larger population, to deliberate on climate policy and decide on the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)