Published: 25th Apr 2019

Teenagers are less connected to nature than any other age group, with exam pressure and social media to blame, according to new research from the RSPB and the University of Essex. The study, which collected data from nearly 2,500 people, revealed a steep decline in interest in nature as people go from childhood into adolescence, with 15-16-year-old feeling the least connected to nature. This then rose into the early 20s where it remained steady into retirement. With the exceptions of people in their late 20s, men also showed a lower connection with nature than women. Researchers speculated teenagers lose interest in nature because of exams and an over-reliance on social media. However, they say they would like the study to be part of a long-term project to see if this lack of connection with nature is a generational trait, or if current teenagers remain less connected to the natural environment … (To read the full article, subscribe below)