Published: 15th Mar 2012

Mixed communities as a phrase, as an outcome and as a specific government sponsored approach to regeneration has rather disappeared from polite policy circles. It seems to belong firmly to the period before the new dispensation. Although some of the new turns out to be quite old. Take right to buy for example. Both mixed communities and right to buy share an interest in aspiration: stimulating it or purportedly rewarding it. But what does either offer in terms of improving the life chances of existing residents? Boiled down, the aims of mixed communities were familiar: new affordable housing; small area regeneration; and benefits for existing residents. More contentious was the specific approach sponsored by the Labour government with the explicit aim of breaking up ‘concentrations’ of deprivation to change the housing market function of the area: major physical redevelopment; a significant increase in the proportion of higher income groups; using … (To read the full article, subscribe below)