Published: 7th Feb 2018

Activist and social entrepreneur Asheem Singh has published a new book, The Moral Marketplace: How Mission-Driven Millennials and Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Our World, which documents the ‘quiet revolution’ of young people putting people, not profits first. He spoke to New Start about the endemic cultural issues preventing the potential of social enterprise being realised ————————————————————————- How has the social enterprise movement in the UK developed over the last decade? More and more young people – I call them mission-driven millennials – are interested in the idea of doing good with their lives. There’s been a perfect storm of technology, communication and this generational shift, where more people are dropping out of college to get involved with this movement. They are coming out of nine-to-five jobs to set up social enterprises, and this is something I’ve done myself. Politically, there have been many programmes produced by government over the last … (To read the full article, subscribe below)