Published: 24th Jun 2019

A government minister has insisted the Northern Powerhouse is a ‘story of success’, just days after a damning report into the devolution project. Over the weekend, the government re-affirmed its commitment to the Northern Powerhouse as it celebrated its fifth anniversary and said it is ‘looking ahead to the next five years’ with an ‘ambitious strategy, which will build on the progress made so far’. According to government, it is spending £13bn on transport in the region and there are 287,000 more jobs in the North since the launch of the Northern Powerhouse in 2014. ‘The Northern Powerhouse is more than a plan for the future, it’s a story of success,’ said minister Jake Berry. ‘From record investment in transport to more than £5bn in devolution and growth deals across the North we are making progress towards rebalancing our economy but we are determined to do even more to make … (To read the full article, subscribe below)