Published: 17th May 2019

A minister has defended the proposed UK Shared Prosperity Fund and insisted the government has ‘not been sitting on our hands’. Speaking in a Westminster debate earlier this week, local government minister Jake Berry confirmed the government plans to bring forward its consultation on the fund, which is due to replace various EU regeneration grants when Britain leaves the EU before the next comprehensive spending review. In March, the chancellor Philip Hammond announced the government will hold a spending review, which will finish alongside the next Budget, which will set Whitehall budgets if an EU exit deal is agreed. A full consultation on the new fund was due to be held by ministers before the end of 2018, but has still yet to occur. Last month, a cross-party group of MPs called on the government to publish more details about the fund, but nothing was forthcoming. ‘We have not been … (To read the full article, subscribe below)