Published: 21st May 2020

‘Red Wall’ communties in the Midlands and the North of England could face ‘economic scarring’ as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a new report has warned. The report by the Centre for Progressive Policy warns those areas, which proved to be key battleground areas in the 2019 generation election, could suffer permanent economic losses, as a result of the pandemic. It claims the so-called ‘Red Wall’ communities are projected to see an average fall of 12 per cent in permanent losses in economic output over the next five years, which is well over the national average (8%). It is also more than double the average projected losses in regions like the South East (5%). The report also predicts the impact of these losses on earnings will be significant, with average earnings in the 20 poorest local authorities set to fall from £18,580 per annum to £17,340 in real terms … (To read the full article, subscribe below)