Published: 17th Nov 2010

Clare Goff visits a city in Italy that’s proving sustainability and regeneration can go hand in hand Despite its location in the foothills of the Alps, the Italian city of Trento is famed more for the quality of life of its residents than as a destination for tourists. It was ranked number one city to live in Italy’s ‘qualita della vita’ survey in 2007, and its high levels of enterprise, job opportunities and educational, sporting and cultural assets ensure its inhabitants enjoy one of the best standards of life in the country. But in common with many cities, much of Trento’s industrial heritage has been forced to dismantle in the last 30 years. The closure of a Michelin factory situated in an 11ha site on the banks of the river Adige left a glaring hole in the city’s landscape. The site was eventually purchased by Iniziative Urbane and, in 2000, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)